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Industrial packaging

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1. Lower cost because the main raw material is waste paper.
2. Ruggedness: corrugated cardboard is also produced from waste paper, but products made from molded paper pulp can have a greater density, thickness and withstand greater weight. Solid design can be made from corrugated board, but it will always be more expensive. An example of ruggedness is the egg tray for 30 eggs, which can withstand the weight of an adult male without strain.
3. Resistance to deformation: foam material breaks under critical loads, shocks and falls, it leads to damaging of product. In case of using molded fiber material the tray is never break, only jam.
4. Capacity: even the simple corregated box need to be assembled. Moreover, if the product made of corrugated die-cutting, to assemble it could be needed more time and worker qualification. A tray of molded fiber doesn't require assembly process. This is reduce the time for packaging, save money and manpower.
5. Product type, package design: the ability to exclude any movement of the product inside the box is not only the safety of the product, but also its good appearance. Free space inside the box could be filled by scraps of corrugated boards, inserts, packages. However, the leading manufacturers are prefer to avoid cheap solutions, they are providing best packing for products.
6. Eco-friendly: the correct, modern design of the package allows you to live without plastic packages, the molded fiber material is 100% paper. Moreover, it is waste paper which could be recycled many times amd doesn't harm the environment.


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