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Seed tray

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There were two seed trays in the market before our product: cheap plastic tray and eco-friendly peat tray creating a favorable enviroment for plants. Currently, we offer molded fiber seed tray with advantages of peat tray and the price of plastic.

  • Eco-friendly product that doesn't adversely affect the seeding and the environment;
  • The plant can be planted in the soil directly in the pot without disturbing the root system and even providing additional fertilizer;
  • Uniform humidification and ventilation provide a favorable environment for plant growth;
  • Improves plant survival through smooth adaptation to new soil, this provides resistance to diseases and pests, accelerates and increases yield.

  • Advantages:
    Molded fiber seed trays are made by forming process with gluing-up that allows the tray doesn't split on pieces in water, and to withstand intensive watering. At the same time, the roots easily grow through the bottom and walls.
    The raw material for seed tray is recycled wood pulp MC-10B (GOST 10700-97). We offer a significantly lower cost with similar composition as for peat pots.

  • Packaging for retail sale:
    We have developed a variant for retail sale: the label framed and the tape tightly fixes the stack. We refused plastic bags, this allows you to touch the paper and it doesn't contradict the eco-concept.
    There are two options for packing: 5 or 10 cassettes in a mass package.


There are 4 types of seed tray is producing now:

Seed tray type Dimensions Dimensions of 1 pot
Tray for 4 pots 180×135×60mm 90×60×60mm
Tray for 6 pots 180×135×60mm 50×60×60mm
Tray for 6 round pots 180×135×60mm 50×60×60mm
Tray for 2 pots 180×135×120mm 90×135×120mm

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